Dev Ops Training in Bangalore

DevOps Administration Training

This DevOps is a collection of tools which helps you for a career, the fast-growing field that bridges the
gap between software development and operations organizations that depends on effective
communication, cooperation, amalgamation, automation, and support.You will become an expert in the
principles of continuous development and deployment, automation of configuration management, inter-
team collaboration and IT service agility, using modern DevOps tools such as Jenkins Docker, Git,
Puppet and Nagios. DevOps jobs are highly paid and very demand in IT industry, Start career path today

Who should take DevOps course

 Employees and managers responsible for developing codes, automating or improving process
 The training is important for people who are working developers, Deployment managers,
Technical project managers and middleware admin such as continuous integration, continuous
delivery, and faster delivery and reducing deployment life cycle times.
 Business team stakeholders
 Software professionals working within, an Agile methodologies environment and developers
requiring a detailed understanding of the Agile and DevOps